How I got quoted in CNET by tweeting at a journalist

A few months ago I was quoted in CNET’s article Twenty thousand reasons to go to SXSW:

"More than anything, it’s about turning a [virtual] follower into an in real life connection," said Gregory Galant, the CEO of Sawhorse Media, of why he attends SXSW. "We get to know [virtual connections] as well as we can, but there’s nothing that beats meeting somebody in real life, and sharing a beer, and getting people’s thoughts off the record when they’re out of their element."

You might be wondering why of the twenty thousand SXSW attendees, I was quoted. Did I spend $10,000/mo on a PR firm? Was I friends with the author? The real answer’s simple: because I tweeted.

I was doing a demo for a prospective customer of our product Muck Rack, which lets you search through all the tweet and links shared on social media by journalists. It was a couple days before SXSW, so I searched for that term to see which journalists were covering or attending SXSW.  Here’s one result that stood out to us from a journalist named Daniel Terdiman who I’ve never interacted with before:

I joked with the person I was doing the demo for that I’m kinda in marketing (along with a million other things as a startup CEO) and am going to SXSW, so I could respond. She seriously insisted that respond right then and there, so I clicked “reply” and dashed off this tweet:

Moments later, Dan tweeted me back:

A couple emails later we were on the phone, and the next day I was quoted in CNET.

I emailed the article to the prospective customer who’d pushed me to tweet at Daniel and thanked her for pushing me to do it. She soon became a Muck Rack subscriber.

This was almost too simple, but it’s exactly what PR should be all about: A journalist asks for information, you give it to them concisely and as quickly as possible. 

Lessons learned:

  1. Listen to your customers
  2. Do live demos
  3. Eat your own dog food
  4. Always be hustling 
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