Making digital holiday cards matter

I emailed this holiday card to my friends last year (apologies if I missed you!):

Prior to 2009 I sent printed holiday cards simply because digital cards cost next to nothing to send and therefore have little meaning. (Thanks for putting no marginal effort into wishing me a happy holiday!) 

In December, 2009 it occurred to me its ridiculous to give money to the greeting card industry and USPS just to show my friends I care. Why support an “army of men in wool pants running through the neighborhood handing out pottery catalogs, door to door,” as a wise postmaster general once said?

The solution to ecards’ triviality is to make it cost a nontrivial amount of money to send each card. But why give that money to a service provider when it can go to charity?

Now I’m wondering how attaching a donation to an ecard can be taken to the next level. One of the more innovative ecards platforms like PaperlessPost, Jib Jab or Someecards could allow users to attach a verified small donation to each card sent. Charity platforms like Causes, Pinkdingo or DonorsChoose could add an ecard feature, even allowing the recipient of the card to choose where the donation goes. Or perhaps it’s an opportunity for a new startup.

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